Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fining the poor is NOT the answer

This is such complete and utter bullshit. They are penalizing the poor for being poor, yet AGAIN.

The only "help" medicaid is willing to give to those who want to lose weight/make healthy choices regarding food and exercise, is to have the doctor hand them a badly copied piece of shit diet, that expects you to eat a bunch of hard to find, hellaciously expensive, "healthy" foods, and in such ridiculously tiny portions that even the lightest eater would be starving on it.

It would actually be CHEAPER to pay the fine, and it's completely unfair to fine poor people for being unable to afford to diet, and using a system of measurement that has been proven to be ridiculously unrealistic to do so. (BMI.) For that matter, most of the exercise regimes doctors recommend, you need to have exercise equipment, or afford a gym membership.

So again, the fine would be cheaper. ridiculous.

If they really wanted to encourage good health choices, they would find ways to help those who need to eat better to do so, and be willing to assist those who would benefit from exercise and want to do it.

Need I really go into what this sort of bullshit does to those with eating disorders and body image issues? I didn't think so.

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