Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheesecake Theory (NSFW)

I've had this theory for a long time regarding cheesecake. And no, I don't mean the fanservice kind- I mean the actual dessert.

I thought, since it has come up yet again, I would post it here, so I can simply link people to it the next time someone who has never heard it before asks me to explain it.

My theory is thus:
That there is about an 80% correlation between enjoying eating cheesecake, and enjoying giving, or at least being willing to give, cunnilingus.

This theory came about because I noticed that most of my friends, with about a 20% or so exception, enjoyed both cheesecake and giving women oral sex; and when I started mentioning this to others, I would often get the same response from them that, if they liked one, they liked both, or neither one at all, with about that same 20% oddness of people who liked one or the other. I do not know why the two are often synonymous, but they seem to be, at least among those I've spoken to.

It's sort of interesting to note that there is no disparity for this along gender lines, either. The people I have gotten the answer of liking both cheesecake and cunnilingus from hail from all sides.

I have yet to find a similar correlation for fellatio yet, however.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Why won't you follow back?"

 I've noticed that this post is getting a lot of attention lately, and I've come to realise that, it was far too unwieldy - I wouldn't blame anyone who didn't bother making it through the original rambled, disjointed explanation. So I've (hopefully) made it more concise.
- Mousey (October 4th, 2013)

I'm under no illusions that my twitter is even remotely popular, comparatively. And that's fine by me; I've got no reason to want to be that well known.

I've heard people on twitter talking about how they unfollow someone if they don't get a follow back. While I don't really get the point of following someone just to get a follow back, I figure I should address this anyway regarding my account, so I can have something to link people back to if I get asked about it.

My twitter account used to be private. I opened it for 1b1t, and I ended up meeting some pretty cool people, and found it was easier to connect with some really cool people if I left it public, so I did. And then I was fairly surprised when I started gaining a modest amount of followers, where previously I'd only been followed by friends I had some offline contact with.

Most of my new non-bot followers were really interesting and fun people, and I started following people left and right... and then couldn't keep up. So, I started getting really picky about following back, and would mostly only do so if they were someone I felt I had a decent back and forth going with.

This is not meant as a slight against the majority of you - for the most part, you're all great people, it's just that I don't have the time or spoons to wade through a million posts on my twitter feed. I can barely keep up with the people I do follow, and that's with having multiple lists to separate a good chunk of the people out so I can catch up in smaller chunks.

There are two things that will keep me from /ever/ following you. (And in a lot of cases, will mean I block you.)

1) You're actually a spambot.
2) You don't follow Wheaton's Law.

So... that's basically it. Thanks for reading, and (hopefully,) understanding.