Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Why won't you follow back?"

 I've noticed that this post is getting a lot of attention lately, and I've come to realise that, it was far too unwieldy - I wouldn't blame anyone who didn't bother making it through the original rambled, disjointed explanation. So I've (hopefully) made it more concise.
- Mousey (October 4th, 2013)

I'm under no illusions that my twitter is even remotely popular, comparatively. And that's fine by me; I've got no reason to want to be that well known.

I've heard people on twitter talking about how they unfollow someone if they don't get a follow back. While I don't really get the point of following someone just to get a follow back, I figure I should address this anyway regarding my account, so I can have something to link people back to if I get asked about it.

My twitter account used to be private. I opened it for 1b1t, and I ended up meeting some pretty cool people, and found it was easier to connect with some really cool people if I left it public, so I did. And then I was fairly surprised when I started gaining a modest amount of followers, where previously I'd only been followed by friends I had some offline contact with.

Most of my new non-bot followers were really interesting and fun people, and I started following people left and right... and then couldn't keep up. So, I started getting really picky about following back, and would mostly only do so if they were someone I felt I had a decent back and forth going with.

This is not meant as a slight against the majority of you - for the most part, you're all great people, it's just that I don't have the time or spoons to wade through a million posts on my twitter feed. I can barely keep up with the people I do follow, and that's with having multiple lists to separate a good chunk of the people out so I can catch up in smaller chunks.

There are two things that will keep me from /ever/ following you. (And in a lot of cases, will mean I block you.)

1) You're actually a spambot.
2) You don't follow Wheaton's Law.

So... that's basically it. Thanks for reading, and (hopefully,) understanding.

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