Sunday, November 20, 2011

A discussion about the #occupy protests

I had an interesting discussion with some people last night regarding what could ultimately come of the #occupy protests.

One of the questions asked was, what will happen if the protesters finally start to snap due to mistreatment by police? I don't think they'll become violent. But it's pretty damn scary to think what could happen if they did. I mean, we have military folk out there on the protesters' side, both vets and active. Not every protester is a member of the military, but there are quite a few, from what I've heard. This isn't just "a bunch of hippies."

We're talking about people trained for war, most of whom have actually seen action. And they're getting beaten and pepper sprayed, and man, I don't know about you, but I would be getting pretty pissed. It's remarkable they've stuck to the non-violent protest path for the most part as they have. (Yes, I know there have been a few incidents, but those are pretty few and far between at the moment.)

So, y'know what? If I were those cops, I'd be showing a bit more respect, and a lot less willingness to spray people with painful, burning chemicals and beating on them with sticks, and throwing them around, when all they're doing is sitting or standing there, and chanting. Because just sitting or standing there and chanting is a damn site better than the alternative.
Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. That is all.