Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sex Ed Test

Salon posted a sex ed test for adults. I got sixteen out of twenty seven correct. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the ones I missed had to do with statistics, or numbers. (Dyscalculia plays hell with those kinds of questions.)

So, I'm wondering how well my friends can do in comparison. Personally, I have high hopes for y'all, because you're an intelligent bunch of people.

The test is here, take it, and then comment with how many you got right, and any other thoughts you have on the test.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kitty Update #2

The vet did x-rays, and got back to us...

We were given the option of either amputating her leg for about $1,000 or putting her to sleep, on the low end of things. (The high end was a $2,000 operation to try and save her leg.) Even with the credit I applied for, $1,000 might as well be a million.

We chose a different option, instead - we've brought her home, and are going to try and take care of her the best we can, because we can't afford the amputation, and we don't want to put her to sleep over a hurt leg.

We can use all the prayers, good thoughts, and whatever else of that nature that y'all can send our way.

Update on the Kitty

I called around this morning, trying to find a place that would take payments, to no avail.

We finally ended up taking her to an animal hospital nearby, and applying for credit there. Apparently, despite me being on disability, I have good enough credit to qualify, and so I'll be able to make the payments that way, which is a good thing, because just with the x-rays, before any actual treatment, we're looking at $400.

Hopefully the actual treatment won't involve anything much more than that, and we'll be able to pay it off before the no interest six month period ends. Sigh.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Help With a Hurt Kitty?

I want it to be known, right now, that I am not asking for money. I do need help, but not with that.

You may remember me posting about Mouse, the cat that arrived pregnant at our door in winter, and my efforts to find homes for her kittens. I did manage to place all but one of them, so we now have two cats, Mouse, and Cow, so named by my bratlings because she is white with black markings like a cow.

This is what Cow looked like a few months ago.

Now, the problem is, she is an escape artist. She will get out of the house any way she possibly can, because she wants to be outside, like her mother. (We let Mouse out, because she was an outdoor kitty to begin with. Both are fixed, so no worries about new kittens.) She's fast, so trying to catch her and bring her back inside when she doesn't want to be is difficult.

Yesterday, she returned from her adventures outside limping, and wearing a tire track on her hind leg. She curled up on the floor in one of the bedrooms, and refused to eat or drink anything. We were terrified she was going to die, and we weren't able to get ahold of anyone to ask for advice. We did the best we could to make her comfortable, and have been giving her some of the leftover pain medicine from when we got her fixed.

She's doing a bit better today, is eating and drinking some, and she stubbornly got up and made it to the litterbox under her own power, limping along on three legs. This has given us hope that it's just a broken leg, but we're still worried.

Now the point of this post, and the help that I am asking for, is this:
If you might know of a vet in the Houston area that is willing to take their payment in small installments rather than a big chunk, or possibly even work pro bono, please, please, PLEASE let me know. If not, please pass this on to someone who might. I would really appreciate it.