Monday, September 12, 2011

Update on the Kitty

I called around this morning, trying to find a place that would take payments, to no avail.

We finally ended up taking her to an animal hospital nearby, and applying for credit there. Apparently, despite me being on disability, I have good enough credit to qualify, and so I'll be able to make the payments that way, which is a good thing, because just with the x-rays, before any actual treatment, we're looking at $400.

Hopefully the actual treatment won't involve anything much more than that, and we'll be able to pay it off before the no interest six month period ends. Sigh.


  1. Glad you lucked out. When my cat was dying, my bad credit kept me from getting her help. No one wanted to help her without an ungodly amount of money up-front. The only thing we got for free was euthanasia.

  2. Yeah, I'm just scared of how much it might end up costing in the long run...