Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Minorly irritated, fanworks-related rant.

Hey you. Yeah, I mean you.
The one who posts AMVs on youtube as companion pieces for their fanfics.
You know who you are.

 I've got a hint for you, and a bone to pick with you.

I can't really believe I have to do this, because it really should be common sense...

If you're gonna post a companion video like that where others who have never read your stuff before can find it... LINK BACK TO THE FIC IN QUESTION.

Seriously. Don't  expect potential new readers to go diving through search engine archives in hopes of finding the right fic by that name, /especially/ if your nick on whatever site you're hosting said fic on, is not the same as your youtube nick. That is just outright fucking lazy, and ridiculous, given that if you did link back, you could potentially gain tons of new readers from such a simple act. (Especially if your video is as good as some of the ones I've seen.)

This is really a huge pet peeve with me, because I have seen this more times than I care to count, especially in regards to a specific fandom that shall remain nameless. *coughOHSHCcough*

So, in conclusion - when you make an AMV to go with your fic? Link back to the fic.

Thank you, and have a nice day. ^_^


  1. Are you a red head Kendermouse?

    1. I am a mouse. Does it really matter what color my hair is? :P